четверг, 8 декабря 2011 г.

Final Book

Within last several decades many theoretical physicists investigated what isn't present in the Nature. It is the Superstrings Theory, the Higgs theory, The Dark Energy and the Dark Masses hypotheses, etc. 
Here some of last results from LHC and Tevatron:

WIMP-nucleon cross-section results from the second science run of ZEPLIN-III:
http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.4769 : 
"This allows the exclusion of the scalar cross-section above 4.8E-8 pb near 50 GeV/c2 WIMP mass with 90\% confidence." 

A search for charged massive long-lived particles:
http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.3302 : 
"We exclude pair-produced long-lived gaugino-like charginos below 267 GeV and higgsino-like charginos below 217 GeV at 95\% C.L., as well as long-lived scalar top quarks with mass below 285 GeV." 

Search for Universal Extra Dimensions with the D0 Experiment:\\
http://arxiv.org/pdf/1110.2991 : 
"No excess of data over background was observed." 

Search for new physics with same-sign isolated dilepton events with jets and missing transverse energy at CMS:
http://arxiv.org/PS\_cache/arxiv/pdf/1110/1110.2640v1.pdf :
"No evidence was seen for an excess over the background prediction." 

Search for Supersymmetry with Photon at CMS:
http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.2552 :
"No excess of events above the standard model predictions is found." 

Search for neutral Supersymmetric Higgs bosons...:
http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.2421 :
"In the absence of a signifcant signal, 
we derive upper limits for neutral Higgs boson production cross-section..." 

Search for Chargino-Neutralino Associated Production in Dilepton Final States with Tau Leptons:
http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.2268 :
"We set limits on the production cross section as a function of SUSY particle mass for certain generic models."

Model Independent Search at the D0 experiment:
http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.2266 :
"No evidence of new physics is found."

Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Lepton + Missing Transverse Energy + Jets Final State in ATLAS:
http://arxiv.org/abs/1110.2265 :
"No significant excess of events is observed over the expected background and limits on the Higgs boson production cross section are derived for a Higgs boson mass in the range 240 GeV < mH < 600 GeV."... 

etc.,etc. There are more than 100 similar negative results and there are no positive results absolutely (for instance:  http://www.scientific.ru/dforum/scinews ).

On the other hand already in 2006 - 2007 the logic analysis of these subjects described in books G.Quznetsov, Logical Foundation of Theoretical Physics. Nova Sci. Publ., NY, 2006 and 
Probabilistic Treatment of Gauge Theories. Nova Sci. Publ., NY, 2007, has shown that all physical events are interpreted by well-known particles (leptons,  quarks, photons, W- and Z-bozons) and forces (electroweak, strong, gravity).

"Final Book" contains development and continuation of ideas of these books. Chapter 1 gives convenient updating of  the Gentzen Natural Logic , a logic explanation of space-time relations, and logical foundations of the  Probability Theory. The reader who isn't interested in these topics, can pass this part and begin readings with Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 receives notions and statements of Quantum Theory from properties of probabilities of physical events. In Chapter 3 Electroweak Theory, Quarks-Gluon Theory and Gravity Theory are explained from these properties.

For understanding of the maintenance of this book elementary knowledge in the field of linear algebra and the mathematical analysis is sufficient.